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Capoeira Brain Body Power

Part 2of 3 Why Capoeira

Capoeira trains body, mind, and emotions. It activates balance, coordination, speed, & power. It challenges and nurtures mental function.

Capoeira is performed in a circle: the hoda.

The foundational posture is a moving one- the ginga, which means to sway.

Balance & Coordination

Capoeira builds hand eye coordination as well as depth perception. The game of it: the hoda, builds skills by the nature of being in circle. You learn to maintain spatial awareness. You look from the corners of your eyes, over your shoulders and between your legs.

All planes of motion are used. Motor coordination is optimized. The three planes of motion are used. The transverse or rotational is where your moving whole body or certain joints on rotational access. The sagittal plane we use when we walk and in ginga.

In ginga we engage in what is called in functional fitness the single leg stance. We balance there, using a single leg stance, when approaching the partner and in our kicking.

In addition, unlike most activities, Capoeira also incorporates the frontal plane of motion: the side to side actions. This key component of Capoeira not only accelerates balance and coordination skills, but it encourages optimum biomechanics and helps prevent overuse injuries. By using certain key muscles that are commonly underused you can also decrease stress on the spine and prevent low back pain. The way we do that is by activating and building these important muscles. We need to use them or lose them.

Speed & Power

The pace of the movement changes with the music and the will of the leader at the head of the circle. The leader is the one playing the lead instrument-the Mestra. They read the group and individual energy levels. The pace is also most relative to the abilities and current capacity of the players. It is still ultimately up to the individual whether they want to play slow or fast, hard or soft. But the musicians can help set the tone and moderate to make sure the dance fight doesn't get out of hand. Its kept lite. Some Mestras, and players for that matter, lean more or less toward dancing versus fighting. Whether more of a dance or more of a fight- there is always the flow from one movement to the next, each participant taking turns. There is the flow of the music and singing and there is also a particular flow or style that is individual to each partner. There's a subtleness, a difference between each participating pair that is considered the unique flow between them and how they choose to interact with each other.

Capoeira Nurtures & Challenges Mental Function

Motor Learning

Using the multiple planes of motion: sagittal, frontal and transverse trains both physical and mental aspects. This motor learning is an exercise for the brain. It keeps it supple and efficient. Capoeira requires focused attention to the subtle changes in the partners body language and to their own spatial awareness. More on Brain & movement here:

When we cross right side over to left side with arms or legs or torso- and back and forth we are crossing left and right hemispheres- this has an added benefit to brain function. Coordinating upper and lower body has similar effects.

Capoeira is a dance and martial art. By playing Capoeira you have the opportunity to optimize your health and performance while preserving a tradition. Capoeira trains and nurtures body, mind, and emotions. As a Capoeirista you will improve physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. People of all ages and abilities play and everyone can improve.

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