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What the #*+@ can I do about my knee pain?

What the #*+@ can I do about my knee pain?

There are 3 important actions you can do everyday to improve a bum knee. Simply and efficiently.

  1. Soften your legs

  2. Strengthen your glutes

  3. Support the body's normal physiology

Soften The Legs

Start with a warm up. Find a way to move the body, without causing more pain, so that you can get blood flow through the area.

Move, massage, stretch, OR rub the areas below , behind, above and around the site of irritation whithout causing more pain.

What is stiff around the knee?

Often front of the leg, back leg and where the butt meets the leg are "stuck on". Sometimes it's deep in the butt in conjunction with locked knees. Feel around and soften the hard or stuck areas.

There are many different ways that will work. Find what you like and do what works for you. But ultimate goal is to address the stuck stuff, knotted or tight areas.

Every muscle needs to be able to both harden and soften . We don't want too much or too little of either.

We also don't want tendons and ligaments doing the work that larger muscles are made to do.

How To Soften The Legs?

There are many ways to loosen, soften or release tight areas around the knee that may be ascerbating the problem. Here are some examples.

  • Stretching: After a 5-10 min warm up gently stretch the front, back and sides of the upper and lower legs.

  • Trigger point/ press release: pick a point anywhere along the leg , above, behind, below or beside the knee - not directly on the knee- about the size of your thumb or finger. To do so, carefully move your hands across the bulk of a muscle and find a tender spot. Then press down with finger or thumb into it till it hurts a little - breathe 1-2-3 and release.

  • Foam rolling

  • Self- massage

  • Get a massage

  • Whole body movement and using opposing muscles to counter over use- moving differently than you normally do.

Optimize Glutes Strength

The back of the ass and the sides of the ass all need to be working together at optimum. When you first soften the legs, stretch, rub and release, or do counter movements you allow for maximum gains in these and other key lead areas.

  • Pay close attention when you are moving, working, working out or training. Notice which muscles are actually doing the work.

  • Larger muscles should be doing the the bulk of larger work. Your legs ( and your knees) should NOT be doing what your butt should. ei. You should feel you glutes contract when you squat.

  • Practice getting in and out of a chair or off the ground and letting your butt lead the work.

  • Glutes work really well with feet and front of the trunk- keep their lines of communication open.

  • To optimize glutes strength move in many directions throughout your day: forward, backward, up and down, rotation, and side to side.

Support The Body's Normal Physiology

The body is amazing. Everyday it restores and replenishes if we give it a chance. And to give it a chance there are some basic requirements. Namely: Sleep, nourishment, hydration and movement.

It can get complicated. But let's not complicate it.

Less Sleep = More Pain

More Garbage =More Pain

Too much movement/ Not enough movement = More Pain

More Inflammation= More Pain

Good. Worse.

Water. Soda. Alcohol. Juice.

Fresh Vegetables. Packaged Food.

Tracking Guessing.


Nuts, seeds White flours & sugars.


Even if you can not use your knee still find a way to move the rest of your body, stay hydrated, well rested and regularly eat whole foods.

The goal of this article was to help build awareness , hope and encouragement. You have the ability to be active. You have agency and there's a lot you can be accountable for in your own health. Get it.

If you're usually a DYI but your ready for support and accountability and a Let's do it together LDIT come join our Adventure Wellness Club.

Upcoming: Wellness Workshop @Highwater Farm October 14-15.

I wrote this because sheer volume of friends and family with knee issues. American College of Sports Medicine & American Council of Exercise for 10 yrs. Really dug deep into Pain-Free free movement strategies 10 years ago after Farmers , aches pains, overuse. Work hard feel Great- Adventure Wellness Club: Habits, Land based Skills, Trad Martial & healing Arts.

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