What is a Health Coach? The person who helps you do what you know how to do but haven't quite yet.

Updated: Jun 18

A health coach helps you make behavior changes for a healthier lifestyle. Depending on your situation and your goals, a coach may help you to move more, to sleep better, or to make a habit of eating more vegetables.

Eating whole foods and choosing an active lifestyle every day builds the cornerstone to wellness. As a personal trainer and health coach I see the most common obstacles are the "vises" that keep our attention more than we'd like. Junk foods, sugar, screen time, alcohol, smoking, caffeine..., can get in your way to feeling your best and being well in your body. Health coaching often addresses changing food habits and strategies for reducing these and other vis


Health Coaching can also include teaching new skills for example grocery store shopping for real food and cooking classes in your home or -in our case- here at the farm. It is especially important to nurture good habits and fuel yourself for recovery over the long haul. You are supporting the activities as well as countering the stresses of every day. Health coaching recognizes that what you put into your body matters.

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