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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

 Unfortunately my children grew up with a lot of fighting. Too much!

We could fight over anything.

It's complicated but somehow we've improved. The kids grew got older.

Yoga helped. And, as we all do in order to survive, we upped our game.

We are wild survivors. We find a way to best use the cards we are dealt.

We learned to be patient & to forgive. We morph ourselves into a mesh of Love. Bending and reaching

as is necessary for all families to grow and to flourish.

We changed one into another. And as we did, try and fail, we made many mistakes, over and over.

For 18 years we put all efforts toward building a farm.

We grew food, medicine, and seed for our family and our community. But we secluded ourselves into an ideal that didn't yet exist in reality. With our family and Highwater Farm we were creating a model of what we thought was better. Of what was good. Of what was righteous. For the planet , for our children and for God. AND we fought. WE fought over what was THE right way to do it. WE lost. A lot. We lost pride, $, sanity, autonomy, blood, sweat & tears. AND eventually, as my grandpa would say, some of the piss and vinegar that belongs to youth. And we gained. ALOT.

We gained:

A deep connection to land, to the Earth that sustains us.

We gained and shared a sensitivity to the elements and to the seasons. To the subtle changes in the air, the atmosphere, the ebb and flow.

We gained:


the ability of steadfastness

The patience that only those who tend the growing of food know.

We each witnessed the seed break free from its old self, its hardened protected potential, infinitely smaller than its fruitful future that so easily is unfathomable.

WE witnessed the transformations from seed to bud to blossom to fruit do death and to seed again. Over and over and over again.

We learned to communicate. We learned to move. To move in a way to attune to the body's needs for rest, sleep and optimum function for the next days' necessary tasks. We learned to move away to avoid the physical pain by doing the work, feeling the feelings and planning for action and rebound accordingly. We experienced Natures soft and hard ways. We felt God's Grace beyond our control.

Highwater Farm has shapedshifted, as we all do to meet the challenges that we are faced with. We survive, though parts of us die. Some to be transformed from decay, from shit to compost and into nourishment for others. Parts that sprout anew as the wild and varied ways that we become. From Highwater to Fields of Recovery a mission for healing planet, people and community. And from there grew Club Adventure Wellness with Community Food Warriors & Beloved Beasts and we are with MAD YOGA.

About Mad Yoga

Mad Yoga grew out of the anger and frustration, the insanity and idealism of Highwater Farm. It grew from the guidance and tending of many teachers .

Kalahi Martial Arts Academy changed my trajectory. Madly, Swiftly, & Deeply. Literally I walked away from a fight- a big knarly bad road kind of a fight and directly into the Kalahi dojo at my wits end. I was greeted by coach jumped into a Capoeira session with I moved and swayed and kicked and sweat. And I returned.

-MAD as in Lots of Yoga

MAD as in moving through Anger & Frustration

MAD as in fighting the hectic, crazy, anxious, loneliness, stress, overwhelm,

For updates and events from Highwater Farm, Fields of Recovery, Club Adventure Wellness and to find more about Beloved Beast, Epic & Community Food Warrior click box below:

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