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Fields of Recovery: Winter Workshop at Highwater Farm

If you are a dedicated hard worker, you know how to push thru pain to get the job done,

If you get pissed sometimes that your body won’t keep going

If You're ready to take action to reset so you can keep pushing your max, but without the irritating aches and health red flags, you might want to join our weekend workshop.

Work hard, Feel Great for the Long Haul. Get your body moving and experience the practical application of medicinal plants and foods to detox and recharge the muscles, metabolism and the immune system. 

Use your body to work & to learn.

Grow Food, Grow Medicine.

Natural Disaster Preparedness.

More Outside. Less Screen.

What is this workshop all about:

This is a 1-2 day reset & interactive learning to take your body back from overwork and distraction. 

It is a deep immersion into food, movement, and optimum performance.

This is a Family Friendly event and an opportunity to bring the kids along and reduce their screentime. 

This is an alcohol & drug free event.

You will:

  1. Gain Pain-Free work and conditioning strategies to rebuild physical momentum, stamina, and longevity, without the aching knees, back, hips and stiff neck.

  2. Learn Practical application of medicinal plants and foods to detox and recharge while experiencing the optimum fueling for maximum gains.

Winter Weekend Workshop Costs: 

The $300 workshop fee includes food for 2 days. We prepare all food groups healthy whole foods aligned with nature as close to harvest as possible. We’ll have these special diet options: GF, veg, no dairy. 

If you need something else contact us ahead of time to make arrangements.

Single $300

Family $350

This workshop is limited to 8 adults.

Deposit $50. Payment Plan Available for as low as $13-35/month, you can use Affirm thru online registration below or call to make arrangements.

Click Below to Register:

What's included in the Winter Weekend Workshop:


  • Bioassessments + pain-free movement exercise prescription

  • Hands-On learning. 

  • Identification, harvest, & prep seasonal foods and medicines for optimum performance.

  • An introduction to whole body detox steps 

  • Get a start lowering your Blood Pressure

  • Sauna

  • Coaching and instruction from an active US Marine & 1st responders

  • Traditional healing body work, massage, and herbal tonics 

  • Cardio, strength & conditioning movements: morning and afternoon practice.

  • Practice synching body’s natural rhythms.


  • 1 to 1 Personal training session 90min. post retreat. +

  • Free Onsite Screen-Free Childcare

  • Integrated Kids programming

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This Winter Weekend Workshop is NOT for YOU

If You:

  • Are content with just going to the gym.

  • Are scared of spiders and of getting dirty.

  • Want to keep doing the same thing over and over without getting the results you want.

This Winter Weekend Workshop is for YOU

If You:

  • Are a hard worker who is practical and who values efficiency.

  • Want your body to have quick recovery. 

  • Want to build physical endurance while you learn practical homesteading skills.

  • Are tired of the struggle with screen time for you and the people you care for, and want better use of time, energy and attention.

About Us:

From 2017 to 2023 Highwater Farm operated as a wholesale vegetable and seed grower. Now we predominantly sell garlic and bulk herbal medicine.

Highwater Farm has shapeshifted, as we all do, to meet the challenges that we are faced with.

More than growing food and cultivating land, we've deepened our commitment to help others thrive. We do that through our Fields of Recovery Project. Now we cultivate lean mean machines so you can continue doing the work that life demands.

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