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work hard feel great

Build stamina, reduce pain, improve health, & perform better .


At Fields of Recovery We:





Tune Up The Senses.


Set Goals

Get Results 


Learn From Nature

+ Go Outside + Move Your Body  + Turn Up The Senses

+More Energy- Less Screen Time=More Sleep


Fields of Recovery is a farm fitness club that harnesses the power of nature and sustainability to promote a healthier lifestyle.


We are committed to helping people gain skills and reduce screen time, so they can enjoy life at its best. Our programs focus on building physical power and stamina, reducing pain, increasing metabolism, while practicing sustainability and learning survival & homesteading skills. We’re passionate about helping you take control of your life and create a healthy lifestyle to enjoy for the longrun run.

Danielle Chevalier

Fitness Trainer

 If you want to WORK HARD & FEEL GREAT, join our Adventure Wellness Club.

I started the Adventure Wellness Club after 20+ years in the field of Health & Fitness and 15 years as an organic vegetable farmer.


As a fitness trainer and health coach I specialize in Pain-Free movement, maximum conditioning & habit change. We improve hip pain & knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, all the while continuing to have performance gains and a stellar metabolism.

Running a farm and raising a family on overdrive led me to overuse injuries, rage & overwork. The skills I've learned as a health & fitness professional I've applied to my own recovery.


Homesteading, emergency preparedness and survival skills have always been important to me. I've strived to better the world and serve my community by committing my time to improving these skills. created a perfect storm that led me to build the Adventure Wellness Club

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