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Highwater Farm + Fields of Recovery

Vitality of land & people.  Recover healthy habits for yourself and the planet.

Come learn, grow & share. 

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Danielle Chevalier  
Wild Survivor, Farmer & Fitness Trainer


Growing food has deeply influenced my character. Tend crops and you cannot help but see a bigger picture of intricacy and power.


Nature's sensitivity and yours are of epic proportions. You are connected to Nature, and to all those before who have planted seeds and tended patiently through fruition.


Imagine if you learned to grow only one thing.


How about potatoes.


Most likely in your lifetime you would only have the chance to do it 40 to 80 times Max.  


Consider the scale of it when there are so many plants to grow, to learn about, to experience.

Potatoes are just one of thousands of things we can grow.


Feed people and you'll realize what a gift it is to take part in the cycles of Nature itself: of life and death, and of transformation. From compost (blood, guts, poop, sweat....), through storms, with sunshine and sometimes under great blue sky to green pastures and abundance of roots, stems, stalks, fruit, beans, seeds.


It is also incredibly grounding. It's a great way to stay strong, skilled, practical, and of service to your community.


I was not a high school athlete. I smoked cigarettes and got into trouble for bringing alcohol to school at a very early age. I never had any interest in gaining muscle mass until I became a farmer.



As a farmer, I suffered physically, emotionally, and mentally. From the stress of finances, of putting all our work into crops beginning in Winter, before seeing a return in the summer or fall and sometimes none at all. There are always risks and challenges.


For the first 10 years we were harvesting year round, in the Northwest winters where the rains fall everyday hovering just below freezing.


All of this made me hardy and strong. But I was in pain.


Shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain. I could be seen often running around mad angry, forcing myself and attempting to get others to get the job done. I was causing more pain to my body and to the people around me.


I  was making myself crazy from the pressures and demands I put on myself. 


Personal fitness training ,  lifestyle medicine, and yoga fixed it.


Now I practice and teach  skills for building functional strength, moving pain-free, harnessing deep sleep and tuning up your emotional regulators. 

       Before I was a farmer and before I was a personal trainer, I was a midwife. I studied human development. I learned the intricacies of body systems and details of anatomy & physiology. I witnessed how miraculous the body is. I saw how much diet and exercise could impact the pregnancy, the birth, and the recovery. But it was in studying exercise science, behavioral health & addictions science that I learned to use the tools for optimum performance for all humans no matter the stage of life. I know which to use and how to use them to replace harmful habits with ones that help us and the planet thrive. But it takes time and it takes support. Like the tending from seed to full fruition.


       I believe in learning by doing and that we can all build on our strengths wherever we are.


By paying attention to your limits and at the same time consistently challenging yourself you can build the stamina to achieve great feats more easily.


Since 2013, I've facilitated 1000s of body mind wellness activities for people of all ages and backgrounds: at churches, shelters, drop-in centers, residential drug treatment and outdoor behavioral healthcare centers, at the health club, the yoga studio, and at the hospital.

These are regular people who've struggled with mental health issues, addictions, insomnia, high blood pressure, and chronic diseases. And we all have habits that can help or hinder our own healing.

     You can work hard AND feel good in your body. You can be productive, strong, and gentle.

I created The Adventure Wellness Club to help

you achieve optimum health & performance.  

        It's for people who want to give their best to the world, make the most the time here on earth AND want to feel great doing it. 

We use personal training, teamwork, the seasons' cycles and the wisdom of patience of tending healthy habits while weeding out, threshing and winnowing away the things that harm us. 

If you're interested in joining the club

  •  Restoration Agriculture  

  • Organic Vegetables

  • Permaculture
  • Perennial Crops
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Sylvo Pasture
  • Geese
  • CSA
Highwater Farm

   Est. 2007. 


   We grow organic vegetables, medicinal herbs, and seeds. We've hosted hundreds of participants for sustainable living and whole foods growing. We produce 105% of our electricity with Solar power. We donate more than 7000 lbs. of vegetables to food banks and average 15 000 lbs. of produce sales annually. 

Some of our past project partners are: WSU graduate students' environmental research plots and seed trials. WWU undergrad student employees. Family stays with World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming. Volunteer tours from Skagit Distribution Center/Community Action's farm worker justice education.

Fields of Recovery Videos

Fields of Recovery Videos

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