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What do we do for a whole year?
adventure wellness journey for a lifetime. We train in small groups for fun, health & performance.
Build stamina and integrity for whole life functional movement. 
Loosen the vise. Steady the healthy lifestyle habits.  
Grow and gather through hands on learning. Practice skills with nature while staying vital, and pain-free. Disconnect from vises. Reduce screen time, smoking, sugar, alcohol... Instead: Build Strength. Fuel Health. Prevent Pain. Increase Energy. Improve Sleep.

In the Spring it's time to:
Build momentum. Expand your capacities. Dream your future. Regeneration detox. Cleansing breaths and cold water power. Loving liver herbs. Increase greens. Gut health and power of a new you.
Claim your goals and hit your target. Identify obstacles. Plan to overcome and create barriers to vises. Align your breath and your body. Tune into your own nature. Work in the earth from the feet up. Stability, mobility, and how to prevent pain. Map a better plan for sleep and cardio training. Optimize fat to muscle ratio. Nurture seeds(habits) you want and weed out what you don't. Harvest abundance. Smell the flowers, fruits, beans, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, oat straw...+Exercises for home gardeners, laborers, and wilderness adventurers.
Functional primal movements for longevity. Training endurance. Solidifying the rhythm of the healthy routine. Fueling your body for maximum strength gains. Harvesting. Threshing. Seasoning. Curing. Prepare and cook whole foods. Seasonal Eating: Squash. Pumpkin. Fennel. Seeds. Nuts. Legumes.
Revisit your goals. Brain. Nature. Healing.  Calm the nervous system. Make and use herbal tonics for vitality. Center of power core practices to conserve energy and protect your immune system. Split wood and be the fire keeper. Thresh. Recover. Prepare. Tend. Sheep. Geese. Cows. Carrots. Beets. Kale.

 Option for online or @ the farm and we gather for Field Days:
Either Regional Local Food: where we meet 1 day per month on the farm. Hand harvested lunches included-
For those from afar: included in the yearlong personal training program is one landbased hands on learning and personal practice and growth workshop at either 1 of 4 destinations: 
Highwater Farm Mount Vernon, WA, July 2023
Lake Erie Wheatley, ON September,2023,
Baccalar, Mexico February 2023. Cap Haitien, April 2023.
$3200. For 1 year of personal training, Club adventure accountability group & 1 week long workshop

We have 2 for 1 deals. Limited Space.360-661-845

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What to expect OR steps: talk over phone decide if ts a good fit Meet in person for 1:1 phys. fitnes training assesment. We design training plan together. group session to meet your training partners and skill builders...

How to get into the adventure wellness club:


Become a member when you take an adventure wellness travel trip.




Fall 2023: Puglia region Italy

Winter : Caribbean

Spring 2024: Tulip Festival Skagit Valley

Summer: Montreal ,Quebec






Take a personal training program with Danielle



12 weeks

1 year 




Join Pain-Free Movement remedy course




Start a the Rhythm & Energy health and wellness course.




Partner through a Highwater Farm project.

Build Stamina, improve health Energy for the long haul


  • work hard

  • contributre to your community

  • prepper survival grow food

  • faith hope giver

  • deep improve world


  • don't care aboutdoing yur best to improve your community + the people arund you that yu care about

  • not interested in learning survival skills

  • not interested in exploration adventure and trying new things

  • refuse to track your ups and downs

  • not willing to do the work to reach your targets

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