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Every class includes: Warm up. Strength training. Balance. Breath. Exercises for recovery and wellbeing.


Learn slow form with careful conditioning, safe progressions, and exercises you can do outdoors and in your home.

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We Can Help You


Personal Training for Optimum Health

We build a plan of action just for you.


  • Learn pain-free movement strategies.

  • Overcome obstacles unique to your situation.

  • Get clear personal posture assessments

  • Use more tools for optimum daily performance.

  • Strengthen the function of your body.

  • Nourish your health by nourishing your mind & your body.



​Accountability​ Coaching

We help you make behavior changes for a healthier lifestyle. If you want we address changing food habits or strategies for reducing "vices": junk foods, sugar, screen time, alcohol, smoking, caffeine...

Option to include grocery store shopping and cooking classes in your home or at the farm.  Nurture good habits and fuel yourself for recovery.

Outdoor Aerobics

Muscular Strength. CardiovascularEndurance.

Flexibility. Body Composition.


Each of these are needed for optimum health. Learn experientially as I show you and hold you accountable for cultivating vitality through movement.

Muscles strain if they're too tight or too stretched.

 We train to improve your whole body. Kinetic chain balance is training from the bottom up and from the top down. Strong and flexible ankles equal healthy knees, which improves hip, then shoulder and neck health. This is Prehab and the way we build functional stamina. 

At Fields of Recovery we automate healthy habits by using brain and behavior change science and the tenants of   Outdoor Behavioral Health Care:

Nature. Group. The Active Self. Reflection. 

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